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Thanks for visiting my 2015 Seattle City Council, District 5 primary campaign site.

Congratulations! To Debora Juarez and Sandy Brown who have progressed to the general election. Stepping forward to run for the District 5 seat is a historic opportunity to serve our North Seattle neighborhoods. We should all be excited that one of these leaders will strive for authentic representation of our part of the City.

refImages-7221In parting from the campaign effort life has been returning to a slightly less hectic pace. It has been great to take some time to reflect on lessons learned along the way. Few ever trouble with experiencing the receiving side of the ballot box. My gratitude, for the friends, family, neighbors, well met strangers, and surprising benefactors, who made it possible to jump in and chase after this opportunity, may go without saying; but, I’m going to say it anyway.

I love you all.

I am grateful for your effort, sacrifice, encouragement, trust, enthusiasm, and wise council. Getting behind a first time candidate is always a long shot and your willingness to take that shot is an incredible gift.

Thank you!

What comes next?

Fall is now upon us, rain has returned, and winds are blowing hard. For now I am excited to support the election process by joining the District 5 candidate forum steering committee. I will continue to represent the Haller Lake Community Club to Northwest District Council and serve my neighbors on Shoreline’s 145th Street Corridor re-design project.

Details for the October 1st candidate forum will be coming soon.